Samsung Note 20 Ultra Waterproof Phone Case

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  • Samsung Note 20 Ultra Waterproof Phone Case


Waterproof : The case offers 360° complete sealed protection with IP68 certification, could be submersibled to over 6.6 ft for half an hour.

Compatibility: Each Functional button like mute, power and volume button works perfectly. A fully sealed design may results in a 10-15% attenuation of the sound, align the MIC-foam before installing the phone.

high quality: Rugged built polycarbonate frame with exceeded military standard. Made of premium soft TPU, PC and PP materials which make it feels smooth.

More Useful: Suitable for all outdoor sports such as swimming, surfing, hiking, cycling, skiing and daily use, supports wireless charging. IP68 Certified standard Waterproof, can be submersible to over 6.6 ft deep for half an hour; designed and tested to 2 meters high. Fully sealed design, anti-frost, anti-dust and sand-proof, waterproof, screen-touchable. It's perfect to running, swimming, diving, climbing and so on. Double AR coated glass lens make the shooting more clear under the water. Improved cross mute button makes it easy to adjust the phone from ring to silent. How To Use Clean the mobile phone screen and the case thoroughly with clean cloth. With a tool to pry open the case bottom cover, the bottom cover is opened. Open the case buckling, check the seal rubber ring is clean, damaged, whether the card is in the correct position. Confirm the case intact, the mobile phone into the front cover. Cover and close the upper and lowe shellsr, shell buckle clasp. Check the appearance of a complete shellshe instllation is complete.

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